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ATMAN Preventive Maintenance

ATMAN’s preventive maintenance program is conducted on-site by our technical experts. Our preventive maintenance solutions help you to maximize the performance of your plant. We’ll time the delivery of your spare parts to coincide with service so that you can save on inventory costs and downtime. ATMAN can also dispatch maintenance experts to be a part of an annual shutdown to perform maintenance activities without interrupting day-to-day operations.

PHE ( Plate Heat Exchanger ) Refurbishment

Plate Refurbishment Removal From Site

Our engineers are available to attend site to open heat exchangers and remove the existing plates andgaskets.

Initial Inspection

When the plates and gaskets arrive back at our works they are checked in against the customer’s specification and visually inspected for any damage.

Chemical Clean

The plates are degasketed and dipped in a series of chemical baths to remove deposits and scale. They are then pressure washed and dried before being visually inspected for the second time.

Dye Penetrant Testing

The cleaned plates are sprayed with a fluorescent dye and inspected with an ultra violet lamp for pin holes and cracks.

Plate Replacement

A report will be provided detailing any plate failures and recommendations will be made. Failed plates will be replaced with new plates following our customer’s instructions.


Plates are regasketed with new gaskets and assembled in order ready to be fitted back into the heat exchanger frame.

Quick Turnaround

Plates are usually available for despatch approximately 1 week after removal from site.


If required our engineers are available to attend site to fit the refurbished plates, tighten the heat exchanger to the appropriate dimension and test for leaks.

Our fully trained engineers have over 20 years experience servicing plate heat exchangers and are available to carry out work on all the leading brands of plate heat exchanger.

Our services include

  • Installation of new equipment
  • Fitting new plate packs
  • Removal & re-fit of plates for off-site refurbishment
  • Pressure testing
  • Service training & Service contracts

Plate heat exchangers are used in a wide range of industries and we have the expertise at working on a variety of sites including:

  • Food Factories
  • CHP Plants & Oil Refineries
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Water Treatment Works
  • Office, Government and Residential Buildings
  • Hotels and Health Clubs

Our engineers carry Skill card which qualifies them to carry out installation and service work for companies. The skill card providesevidence that the holder has undergone health and safety awareness training and testing.

Spare Parts

ATMAN offers spare parts for ensured reliability. Using our spare parts ensures that you will have fewer unplanned stoppages, minimum downtimes, easier ordering cycles, and less inventory to stock. Cost effective spare parts based on application & Budget Components and spare parts kits for maintenance, upgrading and reconditioning

Remote Support

ATMAN is committed to deliver high-performance and secure remote support services to make fast and accurate problem resolution. Our remote services offers benefits such as:

Increased Uptime through fast and easy access to ATMAN’s Technical Support. Early diagnosis of problems with fast response time and correct solutions

Added flexibility to implement and test controls software updates

Our process and automation engineers will troubleshoot the status remotely evaluating screens and logic live, as would be working on site in control room

Customer will have a priority access to our experts

Remote support is the cost-effective way to pre-determine whether on-site support is warranted.

Upgrade Solutions

As a total solution provider and long-term partner, Atman offers a wide range of customized and pre-built upgrade solutions for our complete systems and processing components. We address competitive market demands, food safety concerns, government regulations, and the challenges of swift technological advancement. Our main focus is on improving customer operations through reducing operational costs, increasing production capacity, and enhancing product safety.

Atman can deliver all stages of upgrades from assessment to implementation and support. Our leading position in supplying solutions and automation expertise will deliver proven production solutions through:

Innovative and reliable automation technology

Extensive component knowledge

Cost effective migration of controls and HMI software and hardware

Expendable connectivity to MIS and line efficiency reports, traceability, and inventory analysis

Repair & Upgrades Products

As part of our extensive research and development, modern high technology solutions are now available in the form of retrofits for equpiments During a maintenance shutdown. Our service engineer can install spare parts. Benefits of conversion parts include improved equipment performance and an extended lifetime for your equipment.

ATMAN offers a range of services designed to help keep our customers’ processes running at maximum efficiency with minimum downtime. ATMAN’s service operations utilize latest technologies to deliver maximum value from process plants throughout their lifetime and help our customers to sharpen their competitive edge. Testing, maintenance, monitoring and planning now play a vital role in maintaining plant efficiency, consistency and reliability.

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