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Supply Fabrication Plant / Machinery Equipment

ATMAN offers custom fabrication of complete process systems into skidded modular process systems, creating compact, efficient and ergonomic work environments while reducing downtime at installation and start-up.

Some of the features

  • Modular design reduces field downtime and installation costs
  • Custom design and fabrication of simple portable process modules to large scale process systems
  • All inclusive tanks, pumps, valves and controls are pre-assembled on a tubular steel frame
  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) completed at our works prior to installation
  • User friendly operation and controls with on-site training
  • Flexible design integrates into existing equipment and allows for easy expansion

Our Liquid Processing Systems offers multiple solutions for processing needs in the Food, Dairy and Beverage industries ranging from complete process lines to specific unit operations to meet our customers’ needs. These unit operations can be integrated into existing process lines or be included or be utilized in custom designed process lines.

Process Solutions Equipment

  • Heating , Cooling & Pasteurization systems
  • Mixing and Blending Systems
  • Batching Systems
  • Continuous Process Systems
  • Sugar Dissolving Systems
  • Carbonation Systems
  • Deaeration Systems
  • Fermentation Systems
  • Product Recovery Systems
  • Tank Farm Systems
  • Receiving and Metering Systems
  • CIP System

Liquid Processing can supply multiple process equipment solutions from raw material intake through finished product load-out. Whether it is a specialized mixing application or product recovery systems to help reduce losses and maximize efficiency, we can supply either standard processing equipment solutions or utilize our extensive process knowledge to custom design process solution to fit specific needs.

Efficient and cost-effective separation and clarification

Current and evolving customer needs always come first at ATMAN. Through close collaboration with our customers, an innovative approach and cutting-edge R&D we design, develop and deliver best-in-class separation solutions for the dairy & food industry that provide superior quality and yield at the lowest possible cost.

ATMAN provides highly efficient, compact products which offer high levels of performance at competitive prices. These well-established and proven products are widely used across applications in the food and beverage industry where either the efficiency of liquids separation and/or liquids clarification is needed. Typical applications include milk skimming, clarification, bacterial clarification, whey processing, juice and wine clarification, edible oil refining and many other needs of the food and beverage industry in terms of separation. The centrifuges ensure minimum stress or damage to products with gentle separation of liquids and suspended solids to meet customer expectations. High sanitary levels are achieved with a clean in place (CIP) cycle. Continuous operation and low maintenance costs bring further efficiencies and customer benefits.

ATMAN has vast experience in food industry bringing clear customer benefits in performance and total cost of ownership.


  • Simple mechanical design & construction, easy to maintain
  • Skidded solution
  • Remote monitoring
  • Wide range of models
  • Low-noise
  • Hygienic fluid handling while processing


  • Low maintenance time & cost
  • Short installation time & cost saving
  • Higher uptime, on-time operational diagnostic
  • Low investment needed
  • Improvement in operators working conditions
  • Low contamination risk

Automatic milk and cream standardization

Our automatic standardization unit employs a highly accurate Coriolis-type meter to provide the density of the cream coming out of the separator. The unit automatically controls separator output parameters such as skim back-pressure and cream concentration and features a touchscreen interface for adjustment of the fat quantity in milk and cream based on recipes set by the operator. The unit is available as a stand-alone module that can be connected to an existing separator or integrated in the same skid of a new separator.

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